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We love data - precision agriculture and the Field Digital Twin

At ZP Consulting we love data. In 2022 phrases 'such as big data' can feel cliched but data is the future of humanity, and the race is how to implement a big data strategy into your business, and doing so in a socio-ethical manner. At ZP Consulting we see that big data doesn't mean an unethical use of data.

An example of the ethical use of data is the use of weather forecast data guiding the application of fertilizers in farming and horticulture. There is no doubt that farmers do watch the weather forecast and use it when planning to add fertilizers to crops, but what is not happening today is the minute by minute tracking of nutrients in the soil. If, and when an agronomist and a farmer have their fields tracked for real-time soil nutrient data, and that nutrient data is converged with crop yield data, and other metal data, e.g. weather data, then one can construct a digital twin for the field. A digital twin can be a model for the field and used to predict and model yields from a field based on inputs, the error between prediction and actual outcomes can be used to refine the model.

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