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Product and Service Development Phases

At ZP we received enquires asking for specific products or very specific deliverables, but sometime we should step back and at least check that the validity of the idea, and challenge the Product-Market Fit.

If we look at the stages of product development we can see at least six stages, with stage six being a continuous stage that runs throughout the product life cycle.

STAGE ONE - Idea generation: In this phase ZP works with clients to generate ideas for new products/services and evaluate those ideas.

STAGE TWO - Concept development: During this stage, the ideas generated with the client in the first stage are developed in

to detailed concepts. This can include researching the target market, identifying potential customers, and determining the product's features and benefits.

STAGE THREE - Design and development: In this stage, the product is designed and developed, where ZP develops detailed specifications, fabricates tangible products and services and tests those prototypes. This is also the ideal point to start a Sales and Marketing Plan. The philosophy at ZP is not to leave this until the last minute.

STAGE FOUR - Testing and validation: This stage involves developing a minimally viable product (MVP) to ensure that it meets all the specifications and requirements. This includes both laboratory, field testing and clinical testing, depending on the final application. This is a phase by which the Sales and Marketing Plan can start to be implemented.

STAGE FIVE - Launch and commercialization: Once the product has been developed and tested, it is launched into the market, probably using low volume manufacturing tooling. This includes manufacturing, packaging, and distributing the product, and ramping up Sales and Marketing based on the plan.

STAGE SIX - Continuous improvement: Working with ZP means that where appropriate we embed connectivity and Cloud features into the product and service, so the product continuously monitored and evaluated after launch, and any improvements or changes are made as necessary, especially where improvements are made through the Cloud.

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